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Sunday, December 13, 2020

beware Diabetes patients! Avoid these fruits, as they can cause great harm

Diabetes is
 a lifestyle-linked disease that affects the levels of the insulin hormone present in the body. Patients with this disease have good glucose levels in their body, so often the patient avoids eating salt. Physical activity, exercise and healthy eating only help control blood sugar in the body. So patients have to take special care of their daily routine. Fruits are generally the best for anyone's health, but some fruits can be dangerous for diabetics. So let's know where patients should eat fruit.


Experts advise diabetics to include in their diet those food items that have a low to medium glycemic index. In doing so, the blood sugar level suddenly rises very quickly after eating anything. Excessive intake can increase the anxiety of diabetic patients. This fruit contains natural sugars, which are harmful to the patient. Chiku also has calories, so avoid eating it.


Pineapple has a moderate glycemic index, which should be avoided. The GI of fresh pineapple is close to 59. Excessive intake of it raises the level of glucose in the blood. However, pineapple juice can be more dangerous than fruit.


Patients with diabetes should avoid eating mangoes otherwise blood sugar levels may rise. Which can increase the risk of heart disease or re-stroke. Mangoes contain natural sugars. According to information, about 100 grams of mango contains about 14 grams of sugar. Which can upset the balance of blood sugar.


Grapes also contain natural sugars that can be dangerous for diabetics. About 100 grams of grapes contain 16 grams of sugar. Therefore, consumption of grapes should be avoided.

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