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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Donate these things on the day of solar eclipse, luck will open

The planetary constellations have special significance in Hindu scripture. 
Changes in planetary constellations have a direct impact on human life. In this episode, on December 14, the last solar eclipse of this year is being felt, which will have positive effects on some zodiac and negative on some. According to astrology, donation of Dakshina has special significance in solar eclipse. It is said that donating dakshina during solar eclipse removes the financial problems of the family and there is no shortage of money. Let us tell you today that donating things on the day of solar eclipse makes one happy and there is never a lack of money in the house.

These items should be donated

Molasses: Sun pleasure
rice: the happiness of the moon, and Venus
gram: for happiness Thu
moong dal: Mercury happiness
dal urad : Saturn and Rahu to favor
wheat: Sun pleasure For
gram: For the happiness of Mars

These problems will also be overcome 

Astrologers say that donations made during solar eclipse also eliminate the defects of other planets. The donation made at this time brings happiness to life and relieves all suffering. At this time one should donate according to his capacity. If someone has donated even a small day on solar eclipse, then his whole life will be spent in happiness and prosperity because the donation of this day not only removes the troubles coming from solar eclipse but also from other planets. Also troubleshoots problems.

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