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Friday, December 4, 2020

5 Reasons Why Giving Relationship Advice To Your Friends Is Not The Smartest Thing To Do

Love relationships, often coasting along on the smooth sail, may temporarily shift in positive or painful ways and when that happens we often turn our face to our friends. While there isn't harm in taking advise when you get yourselves caught in the middle of relationship crisis does going to friends a great idea?

Here are the reasons Why Giving Relationship Advice to Your Friends Is Not the Smartest Thing to Do:


We all have some friends in our life who have a tendency to get jealous in every little affair of our lives and when we seek advice from such friends it is preferable that we listen to our instincts and judgments rather than going with their advice because it is likely that they won’t be able to give the best of advice to you.


If advice taken from a friend works out it’s great but if it doesn’t work there are chances that they will blame you and it will ruin your friendship with them. So before involving your friends in your relationship problems make 100% sure that your friend understands you and do not blame you no matter how the advice turns out.


While helping friends in never wrong don’t cross the lines when you do so. Taking advice is one thing and being dependent on them is a whole different story altogether. For instance, it is seen that friends are seeking help for chatting with their partners; it isn’t good in the long run. No relationship can survive when we present a fake version to others.


The chances that advise coming from your friend is not fully unbiased is very less as it is dependent on a lot of other factors as well. For instance, their past will affect the ability to take any decision for you which not always be good for you. Also, sometimes they do not present their honest opinions because they know that truth will hurt you badly.


If you are still at the stage when the status of your relationship isn’t certain you must be cautious about seeking any advice especially when your friend was involved with the concerned person in the past. Before sharing anything or seeking any advice related to relationship make this certain if you trust the person enough because it is a possibility that things become public when you trust things with an untrustworthy friend. So it is important to have a clear idea about how they deal with the situations.

Thus, you should keep your friends away from your relationship worries because IF THEY DON’T SAY WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR- AFFECT YOUR FRIENDSHIP.

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