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Sunday, December 6, 2020

120 years ago, US President was afraid of electricity, employees used to switch on and off

New Delhi. 
The mysteries and inventions of history are associated with some legends. 
In the US, artist David Chang had won Rs 7 crore in the Who Want to Be Millionaire Game Show. The last question to win the game show was tied to the US President and the White House. Chang won Rs 7 crore from the game show by answering the question correctly and became the first contestant to win such a huge amount. The question in front of David Chang was who was the first President to see electricity in Rashtrapati Bhavan of America. He sought help from a friend for an answer and then won the game show by giving the correct answer. He said that there was electricity in the White House about 120 years ago. Electricity was the biggest invention at that time. Even the American President of the time was afraid of using it. On 13 October 1792, the construction of the White House began at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC and was completed on 1 November 1800. The then President John Adams came to live here. American since Remains the official residence of the President. Nearly 100 years later, the White House struck power in 1900, and Benjamin Harrison became the first US president to live in electric light. However electricity was a completely new thing then.

President Benjamin Harrison and his wife were afraid of electricity. The Harrison couple feared so much that they did not turn on or off until the switch. They feared that doing so would cause a shock. In such a situation, the staff was given the responsibility to turn the lights on or off at the White House and used to switch on or off the power switch. Gradually, the fear of the people about electricity decreased. There was a time when the President himself started switching on or off with electricity. While President Benjamin Harrison was afraid of electricity, Lyndon B. Johnson was famous for saving electricity. Johnson became US President in 1963 and remained in office until 1969. President Johnson was so vigilant about saving electricity and money that he later came to be known as Light Bulb Johnson.

Johnson would often visit the entire White House during the night and lock himself wherever there was unnecessary lighting. Some historians believe that Lyndon B. Johnson was a very economical type of person and wanted people to use things accordingly and for this he wanted to give a message to people. Also, he did not want to waste the money of tax payers in the name of electricity bill. He was a man of development and social thinking. Air conditioning in the White House began in 1940. The first AC was installed in his room during the tenure of President Franklin Roosevelt. There are many interesting stories about the invention of electricity and the use of people.

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