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Sunday, December 6, 2020

This temple of Bajrangbali is very miraculous, all the sorrows and pain are overcome by just one visit.

Among the seven crore Gods and Goddesses mentioned in the ancient texts, there is a special mention of Lord Sri Hanuman. 
Famous by the names of Bajrangbali, Rambhakta, Vayu-Putra, Kesari Nandan, Shri Balaji, etc., Lord Hanuman is worshiped throughout India. Anjani's son Hanuman is the 11th Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva, which contains the glory of the five deities and is dear to Shriram and Janaki. Being highly powerful, he received the title of Balaji. Hanuman (Mehandipur Balaji Temple Facts) is also called the living god of Kalyug because he is the most worshiped in this era.

There are millions of temples of Hanuman ji in India, but some of them are very special and there are devotees visiting all the time. One such temple is Mehandipur Balaji Temple Facts located in Mehandipur in Dausa district of Rajasthan, which is about one thousand years old.

Mystery of balaji statue

The idol of Bajrangbali, located in the Mehandipur Balaji Temple Facts, is self-contained and serves as the back wall of the temple as an integral part of the mountain, around which the rest of the temple is built. There is also a small hole on the left side of the chest of the idol, through which the flow of holy water flows continuously, it is also called Balaji's sweat. This water collects in a vessel placed near the feet of Balaji, which the devotees carry with them as Charanamrita.  

Will get freedom from ghosts

This temple of Balaji is world famous for redressing ghosts and overcoming obstacles. It is believed that if a person suffering from tantra-mantra, upper powers goes to the Balaji Temple (Mehandipur Balaji Temple Facts) and offers offerings to the three deities, then he is free from all the troubles. Here Prasad offers laddus to Balaji, rice to the Phantaraj Sarkar and Urad to the Kotwal captain (Bhairav ​​Baba).

Shri Phantaraj Sarkar

The Phantaraja Sarkar is worshiped as the God who punishes evil spirits. Apart from this, neither is there any temple nor is it worshiped anywhere. Even in religious texts, Veda-Puranas, etc., there is no mention of Phantaraj Sarkar. He is only the god of reverence.

Often people get nervous on hearing Balaji's name, because they believe that only a person suffering from ghosts and ghosts goes to Balaji's temple whereas any devotee of Balaji can visit here.

Kotwal Captain Mr. Bhairav ​​Dev

Kotwal captain Shri Bhairav ​​Dev is said to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva, who, like him, gets pleased with a little worship. Bhairav ​​Baba is Chaturbhuji, in whose hands is the fifth chopped head of Damru, Trishul, Khappar and Prajapati Brahma. They wear ashes on the body and wear red clothes at the waist. The idol of jasmine with sesame oil is smeared with vermilion on his idol, and the chola is offered.

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