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Friday, November 13, 2020

Video: So much rubbish accumulated in this river that a man started walking on it

You must have seen a mountain of garbage. 
Also, a video is going viral on social media these days that has shocked the whole world. The incident took place on the Sarapuí River, west of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There was so much rubbish in the river that it seemed as if the whole river had disappeared. Instead of water on the surface of the river, only debris is being seen. On the other hand, in this viral video, a person is seen walking on the surface of this garbage on the river while maintaining balance. This person seems to be looking for something in the trash.

This photograph has been shared on Twitter from the official page of @ g1rio. He wrote in the caption of this photograph that a man was running from a river full of garbage. It is worth noting that the Sarapuí River flows through Rio de Janeiro for 36 kilometers. The forest area was turned into a state park in 2013 to save the area's water resources. Because the river floods in the rains. Whereas, waste takes its place after rains due to lack of water.

According to the report, about 10 per cent of the fresh water comes from this river which sustains the lives of the people around it. People also often get this water from waste and sewers. Prior to the Rio Olympics, the government promised to clear the bay as a competition was to be held here. But, media reports say that the government has not taken any specific steps in that direction.

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