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Friday, November 13, 2020

Chinese army not retreating from Pengong Lake, Indian media is a lie: Global Times

 China's state-run media Global Times has denied reports that Pengong Lake has retreated from Finger-4. The Chinese newspaper said that no agreement could be reached on the retreat of Barat and Chinese troops, tanks, artillery and armed vehicles from the front in eastern Ladakh. The Global Times, citing sources, claimed that such reports in the Indian media were false. The Global Times has said it is not helpful for both parties to reach its established goals.

There were reports of mutual agreement between the two countries

Earlier, there were reports that there was a mutual agreement between the two countries that the People's Liberation Army would now move its troops east from Finger 8 while the Indian soldier would move west towards the Dhan Singh Thapa post between Finger 2 and Finger 3. This work will be completed in phases. The area from Finger 3 to Finger 8 will be like a buffer zone where there is no patrolling.

The media is giving false news to satisfy nationalism

The Global Times quoted sources as saying that good progress has been made after the eighth round of talks but reports of a retreat in the Indian media are false. A Chinese newspaper has accused the Indian media of giving false instructions to satisfy domestic nationalism. In the last conversation, it was discussed how the armies of the two countries would retreat from Pengong Lake. The Chinese newspaper has accused India of presenting an unrealistic view of the LAC and unilaterally assuming that it has a patrolling area from Finger 4 to Finger 8.

India wants to put pressure on China because of Diwali

Qian Feng, an expert from China, said that what the Indian media has said about Hutney is its own interpretation of the conclusions of the previous conversation. He said this is not the final plan. He also said that with this report in view of the Hindu festival of Diwali, India wants to put pressure on China and free its people from the pressure. He claimed that the Indian Army was facing difficulties in maintaining the supply line due to the cold.

There will be separate discussions about the Despang area

An earlier report had said there would be further talks on the Despang area. Chinese troops here have been obstructing Indian troops from reaching their conventional patrolling points for the past six months. Sources said Despang's problem is old. The first priority is to end the conflict in the Pengong Lake-Chusul area. Its elimination process could begin this month. But an outline must be prepared for that. For this, there is a daily communication through the hotline.

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