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Thursday, November 12, 2020

TikTok eager to re-enter India, Biden's victory brings good news for the company

Tiktok is all set to make a comeback in India and has also compiled a list of several companies. 
In June, the Indian government decided to ban dozens of Chinese applications, including TikTok, citing national security concerns. Chinese company Baitdance hopes that its good days will come soon. He hopes to get some relief under Biden's leadership after threats of sanctions from the Trump administration. Apart from this, it is also trying to lift the ban on it in India. This information has been obtained through the sources of our associate ET.

Dozens of applications banned The
Indian government banned dozens of applications, including the famous BitDance app TikTok , in late June, citing security concerns over the LAC It was decided in India that even Donald Trump was behind in banning Tiktok. Then they wanted Baitdance to sell the business to an American company and say goodbye to America.

Walmart and talk further with Oracle
, according to information gathered itine, tikatoke again Walmart and enhanced conversation with Oracle. The company has retained most of its employees. In response to ET's questions about the comeback strategy in India, Tiktok's spokespersons did not deny or even accept. However, he challenged the seriousness of the company by taking the Rules of Land.

Tiktok banned in India since June Tiktok has been banned in India since June. It has about 2000 employees in India. Even after the ban, the company has gifted cash vouchers to employees in September. The company has not laid off any company in India nor has it cut salaries. A 20% stake in Tiktok's global business was to be acquired jointly by Walmart and Oracle. The baitdance was to make Tiktok Global for operation in America and around the world. ByteDance accounted for 80% of the participation. All of these conditions were not approved by Trump and he wanted to ban this app.

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