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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Fear of a new form of corona is killing millions of animals in Denmark

On the one hand, the world is still crying foul over the corona virus and no vaccine or treatment is available. 
A new form of corona is under threat. As many as 17 million mink (water cats) have been killed and buried in Denmark in response to a new strain of the corona virus. This is a new form of Covid-19 known as Cluster 5. If it spreads to people, it can hamper the work of preparing the vaccine. Denmark wants to suppress the virus before it spreads. However, the new virus has so far infected 13 people in northern Denmark.

Mink is being buried by filling trucks

The Daily Mail reports that shocking pictures have come from Denmark. In which a mass grave has been dug in which thousands of mink have been buried by filling trucks. Employees are also wearing adequate safety equipment as part of their vigilance to prevent the spread of the virus. The Danish Department of Environment and Health said all the mink were buried near the military ground in Holstebro because they did not have enough space to bury so much soil.

Fur spread from farm workers to mink and from mink to man

Scientists believe the new virus was transmitted to mink from people working on fur farms and has now spread to humans. When the virus has passed through two species and therefore its form has changed and its protein has increased. Which is why it has entered human cells. This is important as it can affect vaccine companies as the vaccine targets the same protein.

New guidelines announced in the UK

The UK on Monday issued guidelines to treat anyone who has recently arrived from Denmark and is currently in hospital in a completely different way. Anyone who has come from Denmark and tested positive for corona will have to live in compulsory isolation and go to an infectious disease center for additional tests. UK officials fear the new version of the corona virus could be more dangerous as a second round of corona has just begun in the UK.

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