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Monday, November 9, 2020

Tendulkar reveals the secret behind the trick of making cut shots on the bounce ball

New Delhi:
 Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has started an upper-cut shot and today it is being used extensively in fast cricket. Tendulkar said that he has never had any special practice for playing upper-cut. Apart from this, Tendulkar had no plans to play this special short.

In a video prepared for 100MP, Sachin Tendulkar reveals that he played an iconic short during his 2002 tour of Africa.

During the Q&A in the video, Tendulkar was asked, "Was the upper-shot you played very urgent?" To which Sachin replied that yes, it was sudden.

Talking about this in detail, Sachin Tendulkar said, "This incident happened in South Africa in 2002, when we were playing a Test match in Bloemfontein. We were batting first and Makhaya was an ante bowler. He was barely delivering length. As the bowler ran to the crease for bowling, I could see the line. "

There are good bounces on the South African pitch. Facing this bounce is not easy. And if a person as tall as me gets a higher bounce than usual, why not be aggressive and attacking against him? This is what happened to me then. Instead of landing the ball, he used his speed to push it to the third and got 4 runs. "

Tendulkar also said that his (Makhaya Antini) bounce was very annoying at the time, the bowler could save the run with this type of ball. Tendulkar also said,

"Bouncers like this would throw a lot of fast bowlers and they would save his runs from it. But I made it a bounty. I had no plans, some of your natural games are only when you are at the crease." And that's what I did. "

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