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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Only one yoga asana will remove the problem of thyroid, know here


In the life of a human being, there is a very important role of health, a person can remain healthy and lead a healthy life by doing yoga. By the way, there are many yoga asanas, by which you can get better health, but today we will tell you about such a yoga practice, by which you can overcome external and internal diseases and lead a good life.

In Yogasan, Sarvangasana is such a Yogasana in which the whole body benefits as it appears from its name, Sarva Asana i.e. all asanas are included in it. To do this yoga, lie on your back by laying cloth in the park or house and remember God with a calm mind. Now move your hand towards the feet and rest the palace on the ground


Now raise both your legs up and while taking long breath, keep your hands on the ground and move the feet towards the sky. Try to apply the chin to the chest, stay in this position for a while and now slowly return to normal position while exhaling. By doing this yoga asana, you get rid of thyroid disease, digestion becomes good and blood circulation in the body becomes right.

A person's mental capacity is increased, there is a glow on the face and pain in reed bone is also relieved. Heart patients should avoid doing this asana as this yoga yoga can prove fatal for them.

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