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Saturday, November 28, 2020

You can also charge the phone without electricity and charger, follow this trick

Phone charge

Be it a child, a grown-up or an old person, a smartphone is a necessity for everyone. Everyone believes that life seems incomplete without a phone. If we get a little bit of free time, then we first check the phone. Using the phone has now become a habit for all of us.

Where we use the phone so much, there is also a fear, that the fear of the phone's battery going down, does not end the charging of the phone. There are many ways to charge the phone. As such, it can also be charged with power bank and USB data cable with charger. But if the light is not coming, how will you call? So today through this article, we are going to tell our readers how to charge your phone without a light.

If we say that you can charge the phone with a coin, you probably won't believe it. If not then you will have to believe now. Because it is possible, with the help of a coin and other elements, a charger can be made and this charger acts like a battery. This allows the alarm clock, LED light and phone to be charged.

Which elements to make charger

Piece of card board

Aluminum foil

Non Fruit Vinegar (Vinegar)

Voltmeter, cello tape, wire

A bowl, pencil as well as a scissors

Let us tell you how to make-

Step by step, we will tell you the whole process, which you can easily make by reading-

First step-

First of all, you place a 5 rupee coin card on the board and mark it with a pencil and cut it into a round shape. Repeat the same procedure 10 to 12 times, ie, cut the coins of 10 to 12 card boards.

Second step

Now take aluminum foil and fold it 3-4 times. Now place a coin of 5 rupees on it and cut it with scissors.

Third step

Now in the third step, you add vinegar in the bowl and immerse the card board coin. Then place a card board coin on a coin of Rs 5 and a coin of foil on it.

Fourth step

If you check it with a voltmeter, it will show current near 0.587. Now add all the coins and make a set.

Fifth step

Check the finished set with a volt meter, it will show current near 1.450. Tie it with cello tape and cover.

Sixth step

Now put one wire on each side in this set and stick it with tape. This set allows the alarm clock to run smoothly.

Seven step

8 such sets have to be made for phone charge. Place all the sets on aluminum foil and connect them to the copper wire, as you see in the picture.

8th step

Now connect the wire to the bottom and a set with a wire center. There will be so much current in this set that the phone can be charged easily.

But keep in mind that the higher the number of coins of 5 rupees, the more powerful the charger will become.

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