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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Mann Ki Baat: Amidst farmers' protest, PM Modi made a big statement about agricultural laws

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a keynote address today. 
"Maharshi Aurobindo comes to mind today when we are talking about a self-reliant India," he said in a radio program. He spoke of believing in his own ability. Aurobindo did not oppose learning from abroad. This is the vocal for local spirit of a self-reliant India. At the same time, in his keynote address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the agricultural reforms are removing the problem of farmers. Farmers are paid only three days after the purchase of the crop. Parliament has enacted the Agricultural Law.

Modi said that Aurobindo was saying that education of the nation should be the training of the heart and mind of the student. What he said about education then, we are doing today through a new education policy.

Initiating the Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi said, "I want to give a good news to the people of India." The idol of Goddess Annapurna is returning from Canada which was stolen from Kashi. PM Modi has thanked the Government of Canada for this.

PM Modi said that with the return of the statue of Mother Annapurna, a coincidence is also connected, that World Heritage Week was celebrated recently. World Heritage Week offers a great opportunity for culture lovers to go back in time and learn about the important milestones of their history. He said that culture comes in handy in Crisis. Plays an important role in overcoming the crisis. Culture also works through technology, like an emotional recharge.

He said that today many museums and libraries in the country are working on making their collections fully digital. You will now be able to tour the National Museum Gallery in Delhi from home. Our National Museum in Delhi has made some commendable efforts in this regard. While on the one hand it is important to convey cultural heritage to as many people as possible through technology, on the other hand the use of technology for the preservation of these heritages is also important.

Talking about agriculture reform, PM Modi said that my dear countrymen are adding new dimensions to agriculture and related things in India. Recent agricultural reforms have also opened the door to new possibilities for farmers. In a very short time, these rights have begun to alleviate the plight of farmers. PM Modi said that there is a big issue in the law. The Act stipulates that the SDM of the area must resolve the farmer's complaint within a month. "Now that our farmer brother had the strength of such a law, his problem had to be solved," he said. "He complained and his arrears were paid within days."

The Prime Minister said that you should also know how Jitendra Bhoiji, a farmer from Dhule district of Maharashtra, used the new agricultural law. Now that the power of this law is with our farmers, their problem had to be solved, they complained and within a few days their dues were paid.

With this, PM Modi said that the 125th birth anniversary of Dr. Salim Aliji has started from November 12 this month. Dr. Salim has done a remarkable job in the world of birds with Bird Watching. I have always been a fan of Bird Watching. He said that with a lot of patience, they can spend hours, morning and evening, bird watching, enjoying the unique views of nature and sharing their knowledge with us. There are also many Bird Watching Societies active in India. You people also join this topic.

PM Modi had earlier tweeted that through Mann Ki Baat we celebrate the achievements of great people. Working for social upliftment. But to share every example, there are many who are unable to share due to lack of time. But I read a lot of input and it’s actually valuable.

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