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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Learn the method, story and importance of Govardhan Puja

The festival
 of Govardhan Pooja (Annakoot) is celebrated on the second day of Diwali , it is celebrated on the Pratipada of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. This festival establishes a relationship between humans and nature. Cow goddess is worshiped in this festival, according to the scriptures, like mother Ganga, cow is also sacred. On this day, people of Hindu religion worship Govardhanji with a cow dung in the courtyard of his house. After this, to appease Lord Giriraj, he also offers food to Annakoot.

The animals associated with the most cow dynasty are bathed and worshiped by applying flower garland, sandalwood to them. The cow is offered sweets and then aarti is performed. On this day, a variety of food items are offered to the Lord, including raw food and raw food, flowers and fruits made of food. This material is then distributed among family and friends as prasadam.

Govardhan Puja fasting story

Indra was being worshiped in Braj in Dwapara Yuga, during this time when Lord Krishna went and asked, who is being worshiped here. In response to this, Gokul residents replied that Devraj Indra is being worshiped. Then Shri Krishna said to the people of Gokul that, we do not get any benefit from Indra, only it is his responsibility to rain and he also maintains it, while Govardhan Parvatha promotes and protects our cow wealth.

This also purifies the environment, now Govardhan should be worshiped not Indra, after which everyone started Govardhan Puja. Because of this Indra immediately got angry and ordered the clouds to say, Destroy Jaan and Gokul. After which Gokul received heavy rains and all the people were very scared. After this, Shri Krishna also lifted all the gokul dwellers from the anger of Indra by lifting the junior finger.

After this, Indradev realized that Shri Krishna is an incarnation of Lord Srihari Vishnu and had to apologize. Since then, Govardhan Puja is performed with reverence and joy. Lord Krishna's purpose was to break the pride of egoistic Indra. At the same time, Brajwasi also had to explain the importance of cow wealth and environment.

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