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Monday, November 16, 2020

Know why brass utensils are important for home, the characteristics will be surprising

 in time, the first when no doctor was not so much disease in the country. Our food has changed according to the time, so the way of eating has also changed. There was a time when there used to be copper and brass utensils in our houses, but that has been replaced by utensils made of steel and fiber. While many diseases were kept away from us by the use of brass utensils, today we are in the grip of many diseases due to the use of fiber and stall utensils. By the way, keeping a brass vessel in the house is considered auspicious even today. From the health point of view, the food made in brass utensils is not only delicious but also gives you health and body fast. Compared to other utensils, brass utensils heat up quickly, which saves gas. Brass utensils are stronger than other metal utensils. Water placed in a brass vessel helps in providing a lot of energy.

Brass or brass is a mixed metal. Brass is made by mixing copper and zinc metals. Brass is made from the word yellow. In Sanskrit, yellow means yellow and religiously yellow attracts Lord Vishnu. That is why only brass utensils are used in Hinduism for worship and religious work. In Ayurveda, brass vessels are said to be very dear to Lord Dhanvantari. According to an account in the Mahabharata, Suryadev gave a renewable character of brass to Draupadi as a boon. Its specialty was that as long as Draupadi could provide food to as many people as possible, the food was no less.

The importance of brass characters is also mentioned in astrology and religious scriptures. It is said in astrology that the yellow color like Suvarna and Brass attracts Devguru Jupiter and according to astrology theory, Devguru Jupiter is dominated by Brass. Brass is used for the peace of the planet Jupiter. According to astrology, only brass utensils are donated in planetary peace and astrology rituals.

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