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Thursday, November 26, 2020

I wish 70 percent people wore masks in public places

Several research, surveys are being conducted continuously on the Kovid-19 Corona virus and its prevention. Meanwhile, a study from Singapore has shown that Corona has increased due to Shuru's negligence. If people had worn masks initially, the corona virus would not have spread that much. According to the report, virus infection could have been prevented if 70 percent of the people wore masks. The carelessness of the people led to an outbreak of Corona. The report states that the corona is not spread when the mouth is covered with cloth. The study, published in the Singapore journal Physics of Fluids, assesses research conducted on face masks. Epidemiological reports on this have been reviewed. Masks are more effective in reducing the number of times an infected person infects other people.

The study stated that the face mask is highly effective. The outbreak of the global epidemic could have been reduced if 70 percent of the people had worn surgical masks with estimated efficacy of about 70 percent. A warning has been issued regarding negligence in public places.

Researcher Sanjay Kumar of National University of Singapore was also involved in this research. It has been told in Shodh that continuous covering of the mouth even with common clothes can reduce the rate of infection. These things have come to the fore in a review of studies done to determine the material used for making masks and how they play an important role in its effect on the duration of wearing. From this research study it turns out that if you still want to avoid the epidemic, then you have to apply mask.

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