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Monday, November 9, 2020

Delhi Police will now file every complaint online

New Delhi:
 Now you can file a complaint online with the Delhi Police. After which the police will solve the problems. The police will now provide a unique number to every complainant on the lines of Aadhaar card. The complainant will be able to get all the information related to the case from this number.

What is updated in the case, which officer is investigating the complaint and information like what action has been taken so far can be easily obtained. Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava has taken this initiative in an initiative. Senior police officers are describing this as a step to change the functioning of the police.

The senior police officer informed that Delhi Police Integrated Complaint Monitoring System (Integrated Compliance Monitoring System) will be implemented from Monday. Now every complainant's complaint will be online through this system. From the Delhi Police officer's office, where the complaint will be made, his unique number will be generated which will go to the complainant.

With a unique number, it will be easily known that the officer has his complaint and what action was taken on it. With this number, every update can also be seen in the investigation of the case. Not only this, if the investigating officer changes in the middle, then the mobile number of the new investigating officer will also go to the complainant.

By doing this, the performance of the police will also improve. Actually the Delhi Police are committed to provide good service to the citizens. A large number of people also keep posting all kinds of problems on it. The people of Delhi will be facilitated through social media cell.

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