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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Calling Bihar the most special, PM Modi unveils secret of victory, attacks Mamata Banerjee

New Delhi:
 Encouraged by the NDA's victory in the Bihar Assembly elections, the BJP is celebrating in Delhi on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his speech with the slogan of Mother India Jayana. Without naming West Bengal, PM Modi said that in some parts of the country, such people felt that they would accomplish their intentions by killing BJP workers. I urge them all to make a statement, I do not warn, the public will do the work. Elections come and go. Also, democracy does not work by playing the game of death. And no one can get votes by playing the game of death. Read these words written on the wall.

Nowhere in the world is there an example of the faith that we Indians have in democracy. Defeat and victory are in place in the election results, but this election process is a matter of pride for every Indian. I thank the whole country for that. It was not easy to hold elections in this epidemic of Corona virus but our democratic system is so strong and transparent that holding elections made the world experience India's strength.

The BJP and the NDA have garnered overwhelming support in these elections. These election results are the result of the skill and effective tactics of BJP national president JP Nadda. You may recall that sometimes we were limited to 2 seats and the party was held in two rooms and today we are in every corner of Hindustan. We are in the hearts of everyone. Now the opportunity to serve will be given to him who will work honestly with the goal of development of the country.

Compatriots, it is often said that issues like bank accounts, gas connections, good roads, good railway stations, airports, internet connectivity, bridges are not important in elections. The public is repeatedly telling those people that this is the real issue. The development of the country is the biggest test today and the next elections will be held on this basis. Anyone who does not understand this will have their deposit confiscated.

Today the BJP is the only national party in the country in which the poor, the oppressed, the oppressed, the exploited, the deprived see their representation, see their future. Today, the BJP is a party that understands and works for the needs of every section of society, every sector. Behind the success of the BJP is its governance model. The identity of the BJP government is good governance. One-on-one life saved in the Corona period is India's success story.

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