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Monday, September 28, 2020

Will 5 lakh sharks be killed for corona virus vaccine?

About 5 lakh sharks can be killed for the corona virus vaccine. Wildlife experts have issued this warning. Basically, shark’s liver contains oil that is used as a vaccine material.

Shark liver oil is mentioned in many vaccine contents of Corona virus. It is used to enhance the effect of the vaccine. The California Shark Allies Association of America says 5 million sharks could be killed for the vaccine.

A substance called squalene is found in the liver of sharks. It is a kind of natural oil. It is used in the production of vaccines. There are about 30 corona vaccines in the world, of which human trials are currently underway.

Shark Elias says 2.5 million sharks could be killed if people around the world needed one dose of the corona vaccine, but 5 million sharks would have to be killed if two doses were needed. Let me tell you that two doses of most corona vaccines are being given to volunteers during the trial.

Stephanie Brandell, founder of Shark Allies, says killing an animal for anything will not be sustainable, especially when the creature does not breed on a large scale. However, she said she did not want to slow down the vaccine preparation process but should instead test for squalene obtained without animals as well.

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