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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Worried about mobile hacking? Try these 4 basic mantras, no one will be able to touch your phone

Smartphone Hacking: Have you ever wondered how hackers hack your phone? If not, today we will tell you how hackers can hack your phone and how you can protect your smartphone from the evil eye of hackers.

Smartphone has become an important part of all our lives, there are many tasks that can be completed from home using mobile. But as technology advances, the dangers have also increased and are increasing continuously. We all sometimes make some mistake which hackers take advantage of.

If you also want that no hacker can even touch your smartphone, then it is most important that you keep some important things in mind. The slightest negligence of ignoring these things can even empty your bank account. Let us tell you how you can keep your money and your mobile safe from hackers.

Smartphone Mistake: Avoid this mistake

There are many smartphone users who first go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to find apps. But when the app is not found on both the official stores, they turn to third party platforms to install the app on the phone. No one knows how safe third party platforms are and how safe they are.

On these platforms, you can definitely get the APK file of the app you want, which you can also install in the phone, but do you know how safe this file is? Before downloading the file, ask yourself this question, it is possible that hackers have put something in this file which can hack your phone, think what will you do then…? Therefore, it is advised that do not download apps from third party platforms other than the official Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Keep Mobile Apps updated

Have you ever wondered why apps are updated? Apps are updated to fix many bugs and roll out new features. If you do not update the app and if there is any bug in the app, then hackers can hack the phone by taking advantage of these bugs. So keep checking the Play Store and App Store and if there is any update, then definitely update the app.

Avoid using public WiFi

People connect their phones to free Wi-Fi wherever they get it to save mobile data. But the temptation of free Wi-Fi can prove to be very costly. Just imagine if you connect your phone to an open public Wi-Fi and your phone gets hacked by a hacker…? Avoid making such a mistake and do not use public Wi-Fi.

Avoid saving passwords

All of our lives revolve around passwords, password of social media accounts, password of banking apps etc. It is difficult to remember so many passwords, so in such a situation people start saving passwords in the browser itself but doing this is not safe at all.

There is a risk of password leakage when you save password on the browser, hackers can steal your password and enter your device and steal your personal data. In such a situation, it is advisable that instead of saving password on the browser, you can use a trusted password manager tool.

Cyber ​​Crime Helpline Number

If any incident of hacking happens with you, you can lodge a complaint on https://cybercrime.gov.in/ or by calling the helpline number. Apart from this, a complaint can be lodged by calling 1930.

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