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Monday, June 10, 2024

What is that thing which a woman can eat as well as wear?


GK Quiz in Hindi:  General knowledge i.e. GK is useful everywhere. Be it a job interview, increasing prestige in society or impressing friends, general knowledge (GK) leaves its mark in every field. We are giving you important information of general knowledge in Hindi (GK Quiz in Hindi). This general knowledge information is related to girls and women. So let's start the information of general knowledge.

Question: 1- What is that thing which women can eat as well as wear?

Answer: 1- Actually clove is something that women can eat as well as wear. The edible clove is used as a spice in homes. Clove is also a jewel (jewellery). Which women wear as jewellery (jewellery).

Question 2: What do girls like the most when it comes to gifts?

Answer: 2 Girls love to get smartwatches, earrings, shoes, handbags as gifts. These are quite useful for them. That is why they get excited after getting these.

Question:3 What is that thing which boys wear daily and girls wear once a year?

Answer: 3 Janeu is something that the husband wears every day and the wife wears it only once a year. It is worn during religious ceremonies.

Question: 4 What do girls like most in boys?

Answer: 4 Girls like those boys the most who are caring, respect others and are disciplined in life. They keep a distance from drunkards and ill-mannered boys.

Question: 5 What do girls like to do in their personal life?

Answer: 5 In their personal life, girls like spending time with friends, shopping, listening to music, watching movies, reading books and playing. They also like surfing on social media.

Question: 6 What is that thing which sticks to girls like a shadow after marriage?

Answer: 6 After marriage, the husband's surname is attached to the girl forever. Along with this, the father's surname is removed from them forever. However, many girls also use their father's surname.

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