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Monday, June 10, 2024

Do not make these mistakes with your phone in summer, this will happen to the battery


Smartphone Battery Cooling Tips: Nowadays, severe heat is wreaking havoc in many areas of India including Delhi-NCR, people are getting worse due to this heat. At the same time, you also need to take special care of your phone in this increasing heat. Because due to increasing heat, the risk of phone bursting increases, apart from this, high temperature not only affects the performance of the phone, but also reduces the life of the battery. Today we are going to tell you about such tips, with the help of which you can save your phone from getting damaged.

How to take care of your mobile phone in summer

According to the information received, it is important to avoid common mistakes during the summer season. By doing this, you can increase the life of your phone's battery. Also, you can keep your device safe for a long time.

Smartphone Battery Cooling Tips

Use the phone in direct sunlight

First of all, know that keeping your phone in direct sunlight during summer can prove to be costly for you. Sunlight increases the temperature of the phone rapidly, which has a bad effect on the battery. Always keep the phone in a shady place and the further away from sunlight it is, the better it will be.


Let us tell you that many people leave their phones on charge overnight. But this habit of yours can prove to be dangerous for the phone, especially in summer. Overcharging heats up the battery and the phone's battery starts to deteriorate slowly. If you want to keep your phone's battery for a long time, then charge it up to 80-90%.

Continuous use of heavy apps

Apart from this, in summer, continuous use of heavy apps and games heats up quickly, but doing this is not good for the phone's battery. Use only light apps and work in summer, and keep the phone cool, so that a hot phone can also be dangerous for you. At the same time, running many apps simultaneously puts additional load on the phone, due to which it heats up. Close unnecessary apps running in the background and also keep away from multitasking.

Use the phone while charging

Let us tell you that you should not use the phone while charging, because doing so puts pressure on your battery and it gets heated. Do not use the phone while charging and keep it in a cool place.

use phone cover

Avoid using thick and padded phone covers in summer, because heat cannot escape in heavy phone covers, use only light and ventilated covers, so that heat can escape. To keep the phone good for a long time, you can also keep it on battery saving mode in summer. This reduces the battery consumption of the phone and the phone does not heat up quickly. 

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