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Monday, June 3, 2024

Weight Loss: Losing weight in summer will be easy, just follow these tips

Nowadays people can follow many types of diets and exercise routines to reduce their weight. But losing weight in the summer season can be even easier, for this you can follow these tips.

Nowadays it is very difficult for people to lose weight. People follow many types of diets and exercises, but even after that there is no significant effect on their weight. In such a situation, summer season will be right for this. Because in this season one has to eat less outside food and take a healthy diet. This way you can get help in losing weight. For this, you can control your diet and make many changes. Due to which your weight will also be reduced and your health will also remain better.

Dietitian Nikita Yadav has given three such tips which can prove to be helpful for you in losing weight easily in summer. For this, you just have to follow the right diet and exercise routine in summer. Let's know about those tips

Do not eat heavy food

Hunger reduces in summers as compared to winters. Like in winters people crave for fried food but in summers the craving for it is very less. In such a situation, this is a good opportunity to lose weight. In such a situation, you should eat less heavy food. You should follow a healthy and light weight diet. At this time, you can include salad in your diet, especially you can eat salad some time before lunch or along with it. This can help in losing weight. It will be better if you take advice from an expert and get a diet prescribed according to your needs.

Water-Rich Fruits and Vegetables

To stay healthy in summer, include water-rich fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, melon, cucumber and gherkin in your diet. This will help keep the body hydrated and there will be no shortage of water. It can also prove to be helpful in reducing weight. You can also eat salad of different fruits and vegetables during snack time or whenever you feel hungry. Also, take salad with food during the day. You can also include coconut water in your diet on the advice of your expert.

Do physical activity

Whatever the weather, it is very important to do physical activity. Because diet plays an 80% role in losing weight and exercise plays a 20% role. In such a situation, do exercise or walk for one hour a day. Go for a walk in the morning or at night after dinner. You can also follow any kind of workout routine by asking an expert. Such yogasanas and exercises which you can do easily. If you are following any kind of diet, then take care of consistency. Take the help of an expert and follow the weight loss routine regularly.

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