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Thursday, June 13, 2024

These people should not apply Multani mitti on their face even by mistake

People use Multani Mitti to bring glow and tightness to the skin. But if it is used in the wrong way or according to the skin type, then it can cause harm to the skin instead of benefit.

To get glowing and healthy skin, people use many types of products, home remedies and skin care routines. But it is always said that you should use beauty products according to your skin type. Because if you do not do this, then it can harm your skin instead of benefiting it.

Now the same thing applies to home remedies as well. Many people think that natural things prove beneficial for the skin. But if things are not used according to the skin type and season, then instead of benefit, it can cause harm, and some people can also be allergic to some things. Therefore, you should use things according to your skin and season.

Multani mitti is one of the most commonly used home remedies for skin care. Men and women of all ages use it. But using it in the wrong way can harm the skin. Also, if there is any kind of skin related problem, then people should avoid using it.

sensitive skin

People who have very sensitive skin should avoid using Multani Mitti. Because if they use it too much, it can cause problems like pimples or dullness on their face. Also, its nature is hot, so some people may have to face problems like redness and irritation in the skin.

Dry Skin

For people whose skin is sticky and oily, applying multani mitti paste is good. But before applying it, the temperature and weather should be kept in mind. After soaking multani mitti in water overnight, make a soft paste of it in the morning and use it. But people whose skin is already very dry should not use it too much. Also, something should be added to it which does not cause dryness on the skin. For example, you can add things like almond oil, aloe vera gel or honey to the multani mitti paste. If the skin is very dry or any kind of skin treatment is going on, then expert advice must be taken before applying it.

Do not use daily

Many people regularly use Multani Mitti three to four times a week or daily to tighten the face and get glowing skin. But its effect is hot due to which problems like rashes or dullness can occur on the skin. Therefore, whether the skin is oily or dry, you should not use it regularly.

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