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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

These are the major tourist places of Assam, if you go for a trip then add these to your list too

Places to visit in Assam: Assam is one of the main tourist destinations of India. There are many beautiful and scenic places here which are a popular stop for tourists from North India. The green land of Assam, adorned with heritages like sky-high blue mountains, valleys of proud rivers, spirituality, is also considered the gateway to the northeastern part of India. If you want to experience the beauty of nature from very close and are eager to immerse yourself in the natural environment of nature, then you must visit Assam once. So let us tell you today about some important and scenic places of Assam (Assam Tourist Places In Hindi) where everyone must visit at least once.

Let us tell you that Assam is one of the least visited regions in the country which is full of forests, rivers, and most of the tea plantations. Assam is also known for its tea plantations. The state shares international borders with both Bangladesh and Bhutan and its vibrant culture and natural beauty attracts tourists immensely.

Talking about the major tourist destinations of Assam, let us tell you that there are not one or two but many such special places in this state where people come to visit not only from the country but also from abroad. The best time to visit here is between October to April. The state of Assam plays the role of the gateway to the Seven Sister State. Many famous wildlife sanctuaries of Assam include Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, Nameri National Park and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

Pictorial description of the sightseeing places of Assam (Places to visit in Assam)

  • Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park, one of the major sanctuaries of India, is the oldest tourist spot in Assam. It is located in Nagaon district of Assam. In Kaziranga National Park, you can see a large group of elephants, wild cats, jackals, deers, sambar, langurs, leopards and many other different animals.

  • Majuli

Majuli is a lush green, eco-friendly, pristine and pollution-free freshwater island in the Brahmaputra River. You will be surprised to know that with a total area of ​​about 1250 sq km, Majuli is the largest river island in the world and attracts tourists from all over the world. This place is mostly inhabited by tribals and its culture is very different and very interesting.

  • Sivadol Temple, Sivasagar(Sivasagar Sivadol)

Situated in the eastern Assam state, Shivsagar town is situated on the banks of 'Dikhu', a tributary of Brahmaputra. Shivdol is the tallest temple dedicated to Lord Shiva situated on the banks of Shivsagar Lake. It was built in 1734 by the queen of Ahom king Swargadeo Siba Singh. Situated at a height of about 195 feet from the surface, this temple is considered to be the tallest Shiva temple in India. Tourists visiting here are extremely attracted by the grandeur of this temple.

  • Jorhat

Very few people know that this place located in Assam has national and international importance. For your information, let us tell you that Jorhat Gymkhana Club is the first gymkhana club built in Asia and the third oldest in the world. Anyone who visits Jorhat gets not one or two but many memories here which he remembers for a lifetime.

  • Kamakhya Shaktipeeth (Kamakhya Temple)

Assam has not only natural but also mythological importance. Let us tell you that the world famous Kamakhya Devi temple is one of the Shakti Peeths of Goddess Maa and it has the status of the best among all the other Shakti Peeths. It is said that to break Lord Shiva's attachment towards Mata Sati, Lord Vishnu had divided the dead body of Mata Sati into 51 parts with his Sudarshan Chakra . The places where the body parts of Mata Sati fell were called Shakti Peeths. The vagina part of Mata Sati had fallen at this place in Assam, from which Kamakhya Maha Peeth originated.
Let us tell you that Assam's capital Dispur and Dibrugarh are also among the tourist sites here. Every tourist coming to this state must visit these places. These are the places which add to the beauty of this state.

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