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Thursday, June 13, 2024

These 3 signs are the early symptoms of lung cancer, ignoring them can be costly


Due to today's hectic lifestyle, people are facing many physical problems. Along with this, due to increasing pollution, people are also facing lung related problems. Due to pollution, one can also fall prey to many types of serious diseases. Lung cancer is one of them. Many people believe that lung cancer occurs only to older people, but this is not completely true. Nowadays, youth have also started suffering from it. However, lung cancer occurs in very few numbers in young people. But the cause and type of lung cancer in young people is different from that in older people. In the last few years, many cases of lung cancer have been seen in young people as well.

If treatment is given on time, then treatment is possible:
Experts say that it is a matter of relief that if lung cancer in youth is detected in the early stages, then it can be easily controlled through proper treatment. However, the thing to understand here is what are the initial symptoms of lung cancer. So today we will tell you the initial symptoms of lung cancer and the reason for its occurrence.

early symptoms of lung cancer

—Lung cancer has many symptoms. Breathing problem is the first symptom. If someone is having trouble breathing or hears wheezing, he should immediately get tested for lung cancer. Because lung cancer causes swelling in the lungs and the throat starts getting blocked.

—If someone coughs up blood. Also, if this problem is going on for more than three weeks, then there is a risk of lung cancer. Also, continuous weight loss can also be a symptom of lung cancer. At the same time, the growth of cancer cells can cause loss of appetite and loss of body weight.

—If pain persists in any part of the body for a long time, then this is also a symptom of lung cancer. Let us tell you that lung cancer patients may have problems of pain in the chest, shoulders or back.

Reasons for lung cancer in youth
Let us tell you that lung cancer is directly related to smoking. 85 percent of lung cancer cases are directly related to smoking cigarettes. According to information, most people in our country suffer from lung cancer and this disease occurs more often in people at the age of 40 years. However, people who are exposed to a lot of carcinogenic chemicals can also get lung cancer at the age of 25 to 30 years.

Tobacco consumption:
Tobacco consumption is also the biggest cause of lung cancer. Nowadays, young people under the age of 30 are consuming a lot of tobacco. Consuming tobacco through cigarettes or gutkha increases the risk of getting lung cancer. Because tobacco contains nicotine and nicotine contains 10,000 carcinogens, people who smoke at a young age or in large groups are at a higher risk of getting lung cancer later on. The most surprising thing is that lung cancer can happen to both active and passive smokers. That is, if a young person does not smoke but lives with people who are smoking, then he is still at risk of getting lung cancer.

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