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Thursday, June 13, 2024

If you use two SIM cards in your mobile, you may have to pay a charge or a fine!


Now users can be charged for mobile and landline numbers. Actually, your phone operator can do this if the proposal of telecom regulator TRAI is implemented. According to a report by an English newspaper ET, TRAI believes that phone numbers are a very valuable public resource. In such a situation, TRAI is considering charging mobile operators for phone numbers. At the same time, mobile operators can later recover this fee from the user.

You may have to pay charges on such SIM cards:
If you are using 2 SIM cards in your mobile without any need. That means you keep one SIM in inactive mode, then you may have to pay charges on such SIM cards. This charge can be taken in lump sum or on yearly basis. TRAI has made a plan to charge mobile operators for mobile phone or landline numbers. In such a case, mobile operators can collect this charge from the users.

If you keep two SIM cards, you may be fined:
According to the report, TRAI is also considering imposing a penalty on operators for keeping the numbers with them even after low usage. For example, a customer who has two SIMs and is not using the same SIM for a long time, but the operator is not cancelling this number due to fear of losing user base. In such a case, a penalty can be imposed for not using the second SIM.

This is why charges can be levied:
According to ET's report, the country is facing the problem of mobile number shortage. Most mobile users use two SIM cards in their smartphones. In this, one remains in active mode, while the other is used very limitedly or remains inactive. Also, some users use more than one mobile SIM card. In such a situation, a plan has been made to levy charges on mobile numbers.

19 percent mobile numbers are useless:
According to the statistics of TRAI, currently more than 219.14 million mobile numbers are included in the blacklist category. Actually these numbers are not active for a long time. This is about 19 percent of the total mobile numbers, which is a big problem. At the same time, the government has the right to mobile number spacing. The government itself issues mobile number series to the mobile operators. TRAI says that mobile numbers are available in limited quantity. In such a situation, it should be used properly.

Charges are levied for mobile numbers in these countries: Let us tell you that telecom companies charge for mobile numbers in countries
like Australia, Singapore, Belgium, Finland, UK, Lithuania, Greece, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Nigeria, South Africa and Denmark.

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