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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

There will be no difficulty in pregnancy and delivery, pregnant women should do these yogasanas

Doing yoga gives a lot of relief from problems like pain, fatigue etc. during pregnancy and also boosts the mood, hence pregnant women can do some yoga asanas in their daily routine.

Pregnancy phase is a very pleasant feeling for every woman, but along with it comes the responsibility of taking care of your health and that of your unborn child. For this, you should maintain a good diet during pregnancy and some yogasanas can also be done in your daily routine. These yogasanas will not only help you stay healthy during pregnancy, but will also make delivery easier.

During pregnancy, it is as important to eat nutritious food as it is to remain physically active. This helps the mother to keep herself and the baby healthy during the 9 months of pregnancy. For now, let us know some yogasanas that women can do during pregnancy.


Doing Baddhakonasana during pregnancy is very beneficial, as it helps in relaxing the muscles of the pelvic organs and also relaxes blood circulation. This yogasana is also considered effective in making normal delivery easier.


Pregnant women should also do Vajrasana in their daily routine. Actually, women should avoid digestive problems during pregnancy, while this yogasana helps in improving digestion. Apart from this, Vajrasana strengthens the pelvic, back, thigh muscles and also benefits the baby.


Pregnant women also get a lot of benefits by doing Tadasana. This improves blood circulation in the body and also provides relief from waist and back pain during pregnancy.

Do Sukhasana

During pregnancy, women face problems like irritability, mood swings etc. Sukhasana helps in reducing stress, fatigue and anxiety during this period. Doing this asana is beneficial for the baby and your body also gets a lot of relaxation.


Pregnant women should also practice Virabhadrasana in their daily routine. This asana provides relief from muscle stiffness and pain, along with this, pregnant women also remain safe from gastric problems like acidity, bloating. By doing this asana, the hips also open, due to which there is not much trouble during delivery.

keep this in mind

During pregnancy, there is a need to be more careful about everything. Therefore, do not try to put too much pressure on the body while doing yoga. Apart from this, in the beginning, do yoga under the supervision of an expert and whenever you do yoga, keep someone with you.

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