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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Sun has caused rashes on the skin, these things will give you instant relief

If there are rashes and pimples on the skin due to heat, then some home remedies are very useful to get rid of it and also provide immediate relief. So let's know.

In summers, along with health, skin also needs extra care. In the rising temperature, due to sweat, bacteria start growing on the skin and due to this, problems like pimples, blackheads, white heads, pigmentation, etc. start occurring. The most damage to the skin is caused by the strong sunlight. Due to this, some people also start having the problem of rashes. At the same time, small pimples also appear on the skin during summer days. Some natural ingredients are very useful to get relief from these skin problems.

To avoid skin problems in summer, choose outfits made of fabric that can absorb sweat. Try to choose loose clothes, because wearing too tight clothes causes a lot of sweat and rubbing also causes rashes. For now, let's know the tips to get rid of rashes and skin irritation.

apply cold compress

If there are rashes on the skin, then cold compress provides relief. For this, put ice in a cotton or muslin cloth and compress the affected area or soak the cloth in cold water and apply it on the skin rash. During this time, wear loose clothes made of soft fabric and protect the skin from direct exposure to sunlight.

Aloe vera will give you instant relief

If there are rashes or pimples on the skin, then aloe vera is very useful. It gives a feeling of coolness to the skin and provides relief from irritation. For this, you can use fresh aloe vera gel. If you want, you can also freeze ice cubes of aloe vera gel and rose water in the refrigerator and massage the skin with it.

Neem leaves are very effective

The anti-bacterial properties found in neem are effective in protecting the skin from infection. If you have pimples or boils due to heat, then bathing daily with neem leaves or its bark water is beneficial. If you have skin rash, then grind the leaves and make a face pack and apply it.

Multani mitti and sandalwood pack will provide relief

To treat skin rashes and pimples, prepare a paste by mixing sandalwood powder and multani mitti powder with rose water. You can apply this on the face as well as the body. If you want, aloe vera and a pinch of turmeric can also be added to this pack.

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