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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Smart Plug will save the bill of AC, cooler and heavy things, the price is also less

If you also forget to switch off your electrical appliances and end up paying a hefty bill every month? Then don't worry, there is a smart plug that will help you solve this problem. Let us tell you how a smart plug can help you save on your electricity bill.

If you are also one of those people who forget to switch off electrical appliances after using them, due to which you get a hefty electricity bill every month? Then no more. There are some smart plugs in the market that can help you save electricity bills. Now you will ask how? Let us tell you how this smart plug works.

You will easily find Smart Plugs from companies like Qubo, Wipro, Homemate and Zebronics on Amazon and Flipkart. Smart plugs come with support for WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Whatever device the smart plug is connected to in your home, you can control that device from the company's app. With this smart plug, you get the facility to schedule routines.

For example, suppose you wake up at 6 am in winter and turn on the geyser, then you can set a schedule timer for this smart plug through the app and then the geyser will turn on at 6 am even without you getting up. Apart from this, you can also set a timer to turn off the geyser, for example, suppose you want to turn off the geyser after 25 minutes, then you can schedule a timer for 6:25 am.

Many times it happens that we switch on the geyser at 6 o'clock and then forget to switch it off because of work. Not only geysers, there are many other appliances in the house like AC, TV, heater etc.

use it like this

Whatever device you want to connect this smart plug with, just connect the plug of that device to this smart plug and then set the timer through the app. After this, no tension for you, even if you forget, this smart plug will turn off that device at the time you have set.

Smart Plug Price

The price of smart plugs sold on Amazon and Flipkart usually ranges from Rs 700 to Rs 1000. Apart from the company's site, this smart plug can also be purchased from Amazon.

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