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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Not just yellow…black, purple and blue, know how many types of corn are there and how much money is earned

Maize is a crop that has always been consumed in India. America is famous for its maize exports. But do you know that maize is not only yellow, but black, purple, red and blue maize is also available in the world. So how can we earn money from maize...

When the common man in India used to eat coarse grains in his daily life, then grains like maize, jowar and bajra were a part of his diet. Then the times changed and people started eating more and more wheat. Now the times have changed again and due to health benefits, this food from the plate of the poor has now arrived on the dining table of the rich in the form of 'millets'. Maize has a special place in this and you will be surprised to know that maize is not only yellow in colour, but is also black, green, blue, red and even purple in colour.

There are not one or two but 300 varieties of corn found in the world. The most common is dent corn or grain corn. It is mainly used in making flour. Apart from this, a different variety has been developed for pop corn, a different variety has been created for sweet corn and many other different colored corns are also available. Let's know about corn cultivation and the business related to it…

Maize cultivation is also possible in less water

Nowadays, maize is not grown only for flour. Rather, many of its varieties such as baby corn and sweet corn are also cultivated for eating as a vegetable and breakfast. If we talk about maize cultivation, then its cost is quite low. Its crop also requires less care compared to others while it gives very good yield.

Maize can be easily cultivated in loamy and sandy soil. The water consumption in its cultivation is much less as compared to gram, wheat etc. This crop gets ready in 60 to 80 days. Whereas black, blue, purple and other coloured maize can take up to 90 days to get ready.

Gets a good price for the produce

If you look at the price of normal corn, two corn cobs are produced from one plant. The price of one corn cob in the wholesale market is 5 to 7 rupees. About 25,000 corn plants are grown on one bigha of land. In this way, roughly 50,000 corn cobs are sold for about 2.5 to 3 lakh rupees.

Now if you separate the corn grains and sell them, then in the market it fetches a price of 2,000 to 2,200 rupees per quintal. Whereas the bagasse and stalk of corn are used a lot in paper factories. The remaining part of the crop is taken by fodder and fertilizer companies. Whereas the leaves of corn are used to make disposables like dona-pattal. That is, corn makes money in every way.

Black corn cob up to Rs 200

Now if we talk about corn of other colours apart from yellow, then the price of black corn cob goes up to Rs 200 per piece in the retail market (from malls to online platforms). Whereas 8 kg of its seed gives a yield of about 25 quintals. In this way, this corn cob is a profitable deal in every way. It grows easily in the Indian climate.

From kurkure to nachos, corn is corn

We have told you some uses of corn above. But now its industrial uses are increasing. For example, in the snack industry, it has replaced the alternative of gram flour and potatoes. Corn is used in making everything from your kurkure to nachos. Who doesn't eat popcorn while sitting in a movie theater?

Corn starch and corn flour are used in everything from the frozen food industry to the restaurant business. The bakery industry also uses corn flour a lot. Another use of corn starch is to make an alternative to polyethylene. Overall, the demand for corn is going to remain intact in the coming times.

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