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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Skin Care Hacks: If your neck has turned dark, these simple tips will help you get rid of it

Darkness in the neck looks very bad. The reason behind this can be not taking proper skin care, staying in the sun for too long etc. At present, you can get rid of the dark skin of the neck with some skin care home remedies.

Most people have to face the problem of darkening of the neck skin, because people take special care of their face, but ignore the neck, although sometimes the darkening and hyperpigmentation of the neck becomes a cause of embarrassment. Especially in summer, this problem increases a lot due to sun and sweat. At present, there are some natural things that can help you get rid of this problem.

Well, the best prevention of the problem of dark neck skin is to not ignore the skin of the neck while following the skin care routine. Apart from this, many health related problems are also behind pigmentation, darkness, etc. in the neck, so if this problem persists for a long time, then it should not be ignored. For now, let us know the remedies to get rid of the dark neck.

Lemon, rose water, honey and aloe vera

If the skin of the neck has become dark or there is a problem of pigmentation, then prepare a pack by mixing honey, rose water and a few drops of lemon in aloe vera gel. If you apply this pack on your neck daily, you will start seeing a difference in a few days.

Potato juice will remove blackness

Potato is a very easily available vegetable in the kitchen, it is also very effective in reducing the darkness of the skin, in fact potato works like a natural bleach. To remove the blackness of the neck, mix a few drops of lemon in potato juice and apply it and remove it after applying for a few minutes. By using this remedy at a gap of one or two days, the effect is visible soon.

Coffee scrub helps in reducing darkness

Accumulation of dead skin is also the reason for darkness of the neck. To remove it, you can make a coffee scrub at home and apply it. For this, mix a pinch or two of turmeric and raw milk in coffee and apply it on the neck and after some time take rose water in your hands and scrub while massaging in circular motion.

Make this paste and apply it

To reduce the darkness of the neck, you can make a paste of some ingredients and you can use it on the neck as well as on the face and hands. To make the paste, mix two to three spoons of curd, half a spoon of turmeric, half a spoon of lemon juice and gram flour to make a mixture of good texture. Apply this paste for half an hour.

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