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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Shani Vakri 2024: Saturn's retrograde motion is not always inauspicious, luck is going to shine for these 3 people

Shani Vakri Chaal 2024: Hearing about Saturn's retrograde movement and crooked eye brings fear in the mind, but Saturn's retrograde i.e. reverse movement is not always fatal. This time retrograde Saturn is going to shower blessings on 3 zodiac signs. Let's know about them.

Shani Retrograde 2024: Saturn is considered a very important planet in Hinduism. Shani Dev is also called the giver of karma. Shani Dev also sets and then rises like other planets. Sometimes he moves on a straight path which is called Margi, and sometimes he moves retrograde i.e. in reverse direction. According to astrology, Shani Dev is currently in Aquarius and while staying in this zodiac, Shani Dev is going to move retrograde on June 29. While staying in Aquarius, Shani Dev will move retrograde for about four and a half months i.e. till November 15.

Saturn's retrograde motion is not considered good. Due to the effect of Saturn's retrograde motion, a person has to face financial problems and many difficulties. However, the effect of Saturn's retrograde motion also brings positive results for some people. This retrograde motion of Shanidev will caution some people and will also brighten the luck of some. Let us tell you which zodiac sign people are going to benefit from Saturn's retrograde motion.

Whose luck will shine due to Saturn retrograde?

1. Virgo – While staying in Aquarius, Shani Dev can bring some good news for the people of Virgo. Saturn's retrograde motion will be auspicious for those who are currently studying, i.e. students. In these four and a half months, due to the weakening of negative planets, positivity will remain in life. Virgo people will have to be cautious in terms of health, but will not have to face any major problem. The financial condition of Virgo people will be good and you may also get a chance to go out with the family.

2. Libra – The retrograde movement of Shani Dev can prove to be very beneficial for the people of Libra. The tasks which were incomplete and were not getting completed due to some reasons will now be completed. Social respect will increase. The financial condition will be good but if decisions are taken without thinking, then you may have to suffer losses. People of Virgo zodiac who are going to invest in the stock market, should buy and sell only after thinking. You can get good and new opportunities to invest.

3. Scorpio – Shani Maharaj sitting in Aquarius will strengthen your financial condition from 29 June to 15 November, which will also increase your income. All your money problems will be solved. People engaged in business can get partners to invest. You can get new projects in terms of career which can help you in your success. There may be some resentment in love relationships but a solution will be found by talking sensibly.

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