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Friday, June 14, 2024

Shankar is different from Shiva, know what is the difference between the two?

 Lord Shiva Story: If you also consider Lord Shiva and Shankar to be the same then you are wrong. These two are different. Shiva himself is the Supreme God and Shankar is a deity. Lord Shankar is known by many names like Mahesh, Rudra, Gangadhar, Bholenath and Girish etc. Lord Shiva is formless. Three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh have emerged from him. Shiva is said to be Swayambhu. That is, he originated on his own. 

Lord Shiva has entrusted the task of creation of the universe to Brahma, the task of preservation to Lord Vishnu and the task of destruction to Lord Shankar. Thus, these three gods are parts of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is formless and he is a mass of light. When power is absorbed in meditation, it becomes complete, which is always present. 

Shiva is the divine 

According to Vedas and Puranas, Shiva is the Supreme Being and he is the supreme power. Tridev i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh perform their functions under the supervision of Lord Shiva. Shiva controls the entire universe. 

Worship is done in the form of Shivling and idol

Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of a flame. This flame is called Shivling. Whereas, Shankar has a body and he himself worships the Shivling. It is believed that Shankar keeps the moon and Ganga on his head. Along with this, he also wears a snake around his neck. According to the Shiv Puran, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh were born from a beam of light. Shankar is just a part of Lord Shiva's power. 

These are the 10 forms of Shiva

Among the 10 forms of Shiva, the first is Mahakaal. The second is Tara, the third is Bhuvanesh, the fourth is Shodesh Shrividyesh, the fifth is Bhairav, the sixth is Chinnamastaka, the seventh is Dyumvan, the eighth is Baglamukh, the ninth is Matang, the tenth is Kamal. Their powers are the 10 Mahavidyas.

Lord Shankar has 12 Rudras

Lord Shankar also has many forms, which are called Rudra. These are Kapali, Pingal, Bhima, Virupaksha, Vilohit, Shastha, Ajapad, Ahirbudhnya, Shambhu, Chand and Bhava. 

These are the incarnations of Rudra or Shankar

Besides the 12 Rudras, the other incarnations of Rudra are Durvasa, Hanuman, Mahesh, Vrishabha, Pippalad, Vaishyanath, Dwijeshwar, Hansrup, Avdhuteshwar, Bhikshuvarya, Sureshwar, Brahmachari, Suntanatarka, Dwija, Ashvatthama, Kirat and Nateshwar. 

These are the deities of Shiv Panchayat

Shiva Panchayat consists of Surya, Ganapati, Devi, Rudra and Vishnu. Shiva himself is the Supreme Being and all others are parts of Shiva. 

Disclaimer: All the information given here is based on general beliefs and information. does not confirm these beliefs and information. Before implementing any information, consult the concerned expert. 

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