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Friday, June 14, 2024

5 most famous places to visit in Bihar


 Bihar Me Ghumne Ki Jagah: Who doesn't like to travel? But whenever it comes to travelling, we often name cities like Kashmir, Punjab, Kerala etc. There is hardly a moment when we include the name of Bihar in our list of places to visit. Often people believe that there is no place to visit in Bihar, which means that we have not yet become aware of Bihar properly. It is believed that the history of India begins from the boundaries of this cultural and ancient place.

Let us tell you today which are the places to visit in Bihar where you would definitely like to visit and the fun of your holiday would surely be doubled. 

Places to visit in Bihar(Bihar Me Ghumne Ki Jagah)

  • Gaya

On hearing the name of Gaya city, the image of Gautam Buddha comes to mind. It was in Gaya city that Lord Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment and for this reason Gaya city is one of the most famous places in the state of Bihar. The Phalgu river flows from the western part of Gaya and this city is surrounded by three small hills: Mangala-Gauri, Shringa-Sthan, Ram-Shila and Brahmayoni. The pride of this city is the Mahabodhi temple situated here. Buddhist monks from the country and abroad come here and have darshan of Lord Buddha. Every year lakhs of devotees come to Bodhgaya to have darshan of the Lord, and most of them are foreigners. One of the main temples here is the Vishnupad temple. It is said that this temple has been built on the footprints of Lord Vishnu, and the Pitru Paksha fair here is famous in the country and abroad, it is said that by performing Pinddaan on the banks of the Phalgu river here, the dead person attains Baikunth Dham.

  • Nalanda University

Nalanda University was not only the pride of Bihar or India, but the pride of the whole world. This university was built by the Gupta ruler Kumargupta in 450 AD. At that time Bihar was known as Magadha, which was the most powerful state in the whole of India at that time. This university was famous in the world in ancient times and students from all over the world used to come to study in it. Even the Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang studied Buddhist philosophy, religion and literature at Nalanda University. According to him, getting admission in this university was not easy. Only students with higher education were eligible to get admission here. Before admission, students had to give an examination (which we know as entrance exam in modern times) and only the student who passed it could get admission in this university. There were a total of six entrance gates in this university and a Pandit was present at each gate, he used to take the examination of the students before admission in which generally only 30 percent of the students were able to pass. After getting admission, students had to work hard and those who graduated from this university were respected all over the world. But in the 12th century, Bakhtiyar Khilji attacked and destroyed this university. Now it has become a tourist spot only. And if you are thinking of going to Bihar, then do not forget to go here. Here you will get to know the history related to your India.

  • Patna

Patna, the capital of Bihar, is situated on the banks of the holy river Ganges. In ancient times, Patna was known as Pataliputra. This city is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. The tenth Sikh Guru "Guru Gobind Singh" was born in this city and for this reason Patna is also considered a pilgrimage site for Sikhs. Patna gained fame during the Nanda and Maurya empires. The main tourist attractions here are Bihar Museum, Golghar, Chhoti Patan Devi Temple, Badi Patan Devi Temple, Agam Kuan, Kumhrar, Kila House, etc.

  • Munger(Places to Visit in Munger)

Munger is also considered one of the ancient cities of Bihar. This name is not unknown for yoga lovers. As we know that people from all over the world come to India to learn yoga, similarly in Munger too you will see thousands of foreigners doing yoga. There are many historical remains in Munger which attract the attention of tourists. There is a historical fort in Munger and a major pond named Sitakund. The main center of attraction for tourists coming to Munger is Sita Kund which is located 6 km east of Munger. From the name of Sitakund you can know that this is definitely a religious place associated with Ramayana. It is said that when Rama got Sita back after fighting with Ravana, he had to undergo Agni Pariksha to prove his purity, and after that the pond in which he took bath became famous as Sitakund in modern times, located in Munger district.

  • Rajgir

Rajgir is an attractive center for tourists, the reason for this is that Rajgir is made up of seven hills: Chhathgiri, Ratnagiri, Shailgiri, Songiri, Udayagiri, Vaibharagiri and Vipulgiri. On each hill, there is some Jain temple, Buddhist temple or Hindu temple which attracts people. And this is why Rajgir is considered a pilgrimage site for three religions. If we talk about cleanliness here, then it would not be wrong to say that Rajgir is cleaner than other places located in Bihar. The main center of tourists here is Son Bhandar, the arena of Magadh King Jarasandh, hot water ponds (actually some such elements are found in the rocks here which keep the water hot), Brahma Kund and Makhdoom Kund etc.

There are many other places to visit in Bihar where you will be delighted, such as: - Sitamarhi (It is believed that Mother Sita was born in Sitamarhi, and if we talk about the places worth visiting here, then you can visit places like Janaki Sthan Temple, Urbija Kund, Hveshvar Sthan, Panth Pakad etc.), Jal Mandir (Jal Mandir is a Jain pilgrimage site located in Pawapuri, and it is a very holy place for Jains because it is said that Lord Mahavira attained salvation at this place), Sher Shah Suri Tomb (Sasaram), Ruins of Vikramshila University (Bhagalpur), Kesaria Stupa (Champaran), Navalakha Palace (Madhubani).

The great emperor Chandragupta Maurya and emperor Ashoka also ruled Bihar, which was then called Magadha. If we talk about the dressing style of people in Bihar, women here wear sarees while men wear kurta and dhoti and whenever you go to Bihar, never forget to taste the litti chokha here.

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