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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Roasted or dry, which makhana is better for health?

Dry Or Roasted Makhana:
There are many benefits of eating Makhana daily but you will get its benefits only when you eat it in the right way. At the same time, people often have this question in their mind that should we eat Makhana roasted or dry. Let's know about it.

Dry Or Roasted Makhana: Makhana is a snack that everyone likes. It is a kind of seed that comes from a plant called Euryale Ferox. People also know it as Fox Nut. It is used in making everything from royal dishes to chaat. There are many benefits of including it in the diet. While some people like to eat it dry, some people eat it roasted. Most people use ghee to roast it. This question comes in the mind of most people that after all, should we eat dry makhana or is it more beneficial to eat it roasted, let's know about it.

Makhana is one of those healthy snacks that you can eat even in your weight loss journey. You can include it in your diet in many ways. But you will get its benefits only when you eat it in the right way, let's know in which way eating makhana is more beneficial.

What is better for health?

Many health experts believe that if we eat makhana by roasting it in less oil or ghee, then it can prove to be beneficial. With its help, you can make many types of tasty and healthy breakfast, not only this, it is beneficial for people of all ages. Eating makhana after roasting it enhances its taste even more. On the other hand, if makhana is eaten after roasting, then it becomes even easier to digest. Roasting makhana also increases its antioxidant properties.

Do not make this mistake while roasting Makhana

While roasting makhana, take special care that you do not roast it for too long at high temperature. This can destroy the vitamins and minerals present in makhana. Also, do not use too many spices while roasting makhana or even after that. Too many spices can cause cholesterol problems.

Benefits of eating dry makhana

Dry makhana can be considered beneficial for health because it is not cooked at any temperature. All the nutrients remain intact in dry makhana. On the other hand, if you eat dry makhana after soaking it in water, then you can stay hydrated for a long time in summer. Essential nutrients like protein, fiber are found in plenty in dry makhana.

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