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Friday, June 14, 2024

Now there is no question of retreating… Putin's statement causes a stir in the world

Putin has made a big statement regarding the Russia-Ukraine war. He said that we have reached very close to a point from where it is no longer possible to return. It has become clear from this statement of Putin that he will not consider a ceasefire at any cost.

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is not stopping. Putin is continuously attacking many major cities of Ukraine. There were many discussions on the international stage regarding the war, but no agreement was reached on a ceasefire. Now Putin has made his intentions clear. He said, we have reached very close to a stage from where it is not possible to return. We are also seeing the audacity of Western politicians regarding the war.

Many meanings are being attributed to this statement of Putin. It is believed that by saying this, Putin has once again made it clear that he is not going to back down in any way to stop the war. The time to decide on ceasefire is now over. On the other hand, America is also showing its tough stance towards Russia. America has increased many types of sanctions on Russia.

Recently, Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky had made a big allegation against China regarding the ceasefire. Zelensky said that China does not want a ceasefire in Kiev. It is also pressurizing other countries not to participate in the peace talks. Ukraine also alleged that China is acting as an obstacle to peace in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Meanwhile, in Russia, talks are going on between the two countries even as Indian citizens are stranded. The Indian government said that two Indian citizens recruited by the Russian army have been killed in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The MEA has spoken to the Russian ambassador on this matter and has also put pressure. The statement of the Ministry of External Affairs said, "Our embassy in Moscow has put pressure on the Russian authorities, including the Ministry of Defense, to bring back the bodies as soon as possible.

Regarding Indians being forced to serve in the Russian army, the Ministry of External Affairs said that discussions are ongoing. India has also demanded from Russia that any further recruitment of Indian citizens by the Russian army be put on a verified hold.

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