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Friday, June 14, 2024

Amazing features for WhatsApp Video Calling, will compete with Google Meet and Zoom

WhatsApp New Video Calling Feature: Once again some new features have been added to WhatsApp which will make your video meetings better. With the new updates, WhatsApp will compete with video conferencing platforms like Google Meet and Zoom.

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps. Updates are added to it from time to time, due to which it is still popular among users. Recently some new features have been added to the platform for video calls. After this, the demand for WhatsApp will increase for professional meetings along with personal use.

Some new updates have been added to the calling feature of WhatsApp. This will provide better user experience on all devices. Now you can add 32 people on a video call on WhatsApp, this includes screen sharing with audio, speaker spotlight feature and better call quality. The new update will help users connect with each other virtually.

Screen sharing with audio

Screen sharing feature has been added to WhatsApp along with audio features. With its help, users can share screen and audio during calls. This feature will be useful for showing on-screen content during calls. This feature will be useful for both personal and professional work. It will be exactly like Zoom call or Google Meet.

32 people can join the video call

WhatsApp has also increased the number of participants that can be added during a video call. Now a total of 32 people can join WhatsApp video calls. This feature will support all devices. It will also work on user desktops and can also be used for virtual meetings and online classes.

Earlier, the limit for WhatsApp video calls on mobile devices was 32 participants, 16 participants for Windows users, and 8 participants for Mac operating systems.

Better call quality

WhatsApp's new Speaker Spotlight feature will automatically highlight the person speaking during a group call. This will make conversation easier between participants. Not only this, the call quality on the platform has also been improved. Better noise and echo cancellation feature has now been added to WhatsApp calls, due to which users will get clear voice even in noisy places.

Along with this, if users have a fast internet connection, then they will be able to experience high resolution quality during video calls.

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