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Friday, June 14, 2024

NEET: 10-10 lakh rupees given to pass the exam, allegation in petition filed in Supreme Court


A new case has now come to light in the ongoing uproar over the result of NEET UG Exam 2024. A new revelation has been made on the allegations of irregularities in the examination and this has come from a petition filed in the Supreme Court. The petition states that the alleged paper leak and irregularities should be investigated by the CBI. In this, petitioner Hitesh Singh Kashyap has raised doubts over the students of other states (Odisha, Karnataka, Jharkhand) choosing a particular center in Godhra, Gujarat.

The petitioner said that 'at least 16 students from far-flung states like Odisha, Jharkhand and Karnataka in Godhra taluka of Panchmahal in Gujarat allegedly paid Rs 10 lakh each to pass NEET and chose Jai Jalaram School in Gujarat as their centre despite being from other states.

16 students chose the same centre

It is said that the Gujarat police registered a case after a teacher offered to solve the NEET exam for Rs 10 lakh. The petitioners claimed that these 16 students, who were part of a group of 26 students according to the police, had opted for this centre and their names were found in the lists recovered from the prime accused Tushar Bhatt (who is a geography teacher in the school and superintendent of the NEET centre).

What is the matter?

In the police investigation, out of the total five accused, 3 accused were in contact with each other till late night a day before the exam. Accused Tushar Bhatt had reached the house of NEET exam center principal Parsottam Sharma a day before the exam and was in constant contact with accused Arif Vora through phone and WhatsApp chatting. After the whole matter came to light, the investigation also revealed that Acharya Parsottam Sharma had destroyed the evidence by formatting the DVR data of the CCTV camera installed at his house.

The names of the students were written in code

According to the petitioner, after the entire case came to light on May 5, the accused Tushar Bhatt, Arif Vora and Parsottam Sharma met at a hotel on Godhra Vadodara Road on May 8. The list of students' names found in the police investigation also had brown and black circles in front of the students' names and the codes TB and PR written on them. TB means student of Tushar Bhatt and PR means student of Parshuram Roy.

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