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Friday, June 14, 2024

Lord Jagannath Temple: This temple of Lord Krishna is mysterious, you will be surprised to know the truth


Lord Jagannath Temple: There is mention of four Dhams in Hinduism. One of these is the temple of Lord Jagannath located in Puri, Odisha. It is believed that the heart of Lord Krishna still beats in his idol here. The idols of Lord Krishna, his sister Subhadra and his elder brother Balram are installed in this temple and all these idols are made of wood. There are many such mysteries of this temple, which are unsolved till date. It is believed that when Lord Vishnu settled in all the four Dhams, he first went to Badrinath and took a bath there. After this he went to Dwarka in Gujarat, where he changed his clothes and after this he went to Jagannath Puri. He had food here. Finally Lord Vishnu went to Rameswaram, where he rested. 

There is also a belief associated with the temple that when Lord Krishna left his body, his last rites were performed. During this, his whole body was burnt but his heart was not burnt. After this, the Pandavas immersed this heart in the sea. It is believed that the Brahma element installed in the idol of Lord Jagannath is the heart of Lord Krishna, which beats even today. 

Lord Vishwakarma made the idols

According to mythology, the idols of this temple were made by Lord Vishwakarma. To make the idols of this temple, Lord Vishwakarma took the form of an old Brahmin and was making the idol locked in a room. While making the idol, the king came and interrupted him, due to which he left the idol incomplete and went away.

From that day till today the idols installed in this temple are incomplete. Every 12 years the idols of this temple are replaced. After this, the Brahma substance taken out from the old idols is installed in those idols. While replacing the Brahma substance, no one sees it because it has so much energy that the one who sees it can become blind. The priests say that the Brahma substance jumps like a rabbit. For this reason it is believed that this is the heart of Lord Krishna, which still beats. 

The main entrance of the temple is also mysterious 

No one has been able to understand the mystery of the Singhdwar of the Jagannathpuri temple till date. As long as you do not take one step inside the Singhdwar, you will keep hearing the sound of the sea waves and the smell of the pyres burning there. As soon as one of your feet goes inside the Singhdwar, the sound of the waves and the smell both stop coming. However, as soon as you step out of the Singhdwar, they start coming back. 

No bird is seen above the temple

No bird flies above this temple. Till date no one has seen any bird sitting on this temple. This is the reason why there is a no flying zone for airplanes and helicopters above the temple. 

The flag is mysterious

The flag of the temple is changed every day. People climb upside down to change it. It is believed that if it is not changed, this temple will be closed for 18 years. This flag flies in the opposite direction of the wind. There is also a Sudarshan Chakra on the top of the temple. No matter where you look at it from, it will always look towards you. 

The world's largest kitchen

The kitchen of the Jagannath temple is the biggest kitchen in the world. 500 cooks and 300 helpers work here. The prasad made here never falls short, no matter how many lakhs of devotees come. At the same time, when the time comes to close the gate of the temple, this prasad gets finished automatically. The prasad here never goes to waste. 

Prasad is prepared on a wood stove 

This prasad is made on a wooden stove. This prasad is made in seven vessels, which are kept one above the other. The most special thing is that the prasad is cooked first in the 7th vessel which is on the top. After this, the prasad is prepared in the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and lastly the 1st vessel.

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