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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Mahua has these amazing benefits, do you know Mahua is a cure for epilepsy


Benefits of eating Mahua: Very few people would know how beneficial the common looking Mahua is for our health in an ayurvedic way. Generally, most people know that Mahua is used to make liquor, but today we will tell you about all its benefits which you were unaware of till now. Along with this, we will also make you aware of some of the disadvantages caused by it. So let's know in detail about the benefits and disadvantages of Mahua.

First of all, let us tell you that the benefits of Mahua are no less than a medicinal herb. Mahua flowers and seeds are edible. The scientific name of Mahua is Madhuca longifolia. Mahua is a large-sized multipurpose forest tree found in mixed deciduous forests of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries. Its tree leaves, bark, flowers, seed kernels are all used medicinally. Its leaves are palm-sized and thick like almonds. Mahua wood is very heavy and strong. It is planted in fields, barns, roadsides and gardens for shade. Mahua contains many nutrients due to which it is beneficial in skin problems, etc.

Benefits of Mahua [Mahua Ke Fayde]

Mahua is a cure for epilepsy

It is said that whenever someone gets an epileptic attack, during that time he should take Choti Peepal, Bach, black pepper, Mahua and powdered rock salt mixed in water through the nose. This provides relief in diseases like epilepsy and flatulence.

Mahua flowers are a panacea for cold, cough and respiratory diseases

Since the effect of Mahua flower is cold, Mahua flowers are very stimulant, sedative, anthelmintic and relieve cough. Hence, it is used to treat cold, cough and other respiratory disorders.

It is also beneficial for arthritis patients

For your information, let us tell you that according to Ayurveda, the use of the bark of the Mahua tree is considered very beneficial for human health. You can use Mahua bark to relieve arthritis pain and swelling. For this, prepare a decoction by boiling the Mahua bark in water and consume it. It is very beneficial.

Beneficial for teeth

For your information, let us tell you that Mahua is considered beneficial for your healthy gums and tonsillitis. To use it, mix 4 ml juice extracted from the bark of Mahua tree in 300 ml water. If you have a problem of bleeding from your gums, then to get rid of it, rinse your mouth regularly with this mixture.

Remove stains

We would like to tell you that if you have spots on your body then making a decoction of Mahua bark and applying it on the spots on your body will help you get rid of the spots.

Disadvantages of Mahua [Mahua ke Nuksan]

Although Mahua has many benefits, let us also tell you that its consumption also has many side effects.

  •  We would like to tell you that if you consume Mahua flower in excess quantity then it may cause you a headache.
  • It is also said that if you use Mahua regularly then it can also increase impotence and infertility.
  • Since Mahua has a low blood sugar nature, if you are a diabetic patient, its consumption can have a profound effect on your health.
  • Apart from this, let us also tell you that people who have constipation or high phlegm problems should avoid consuming Mahua related products.

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