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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

How to identify whether your chikankari suit is real or fake

Nowadays, Chikankari kurtis and suits are available in many designs in the market. In such a situation, if you have trouble differentiating between real and fake Chikankari work, then you should take care of these things while buying it.

Everyone loves to look stylish and beautiful so that they look attractive. For this, men and women take great care of their skin care and dressing sense. They wear various stylish outfits so that their personality shines. This also helps in developing their confidence.

In summers, people prefer to wear light clothes which keep them warm. For example, women prefer to wear kurtis at this time. Chikankari suits are very trending in these clothes. You will find chikankari work suits in many designs and colors in the market and online.

Women who go to college and office love to wear chikankari work kurtis or suits. Because it gives them a stylish look. Also, most of these are light weight. Due to which there is not much feeling of heat. But you will find chikankari suits in many designs and prices in the market.

Now in such a situation when you have many varieties of the same cloth, it becomes a little difficult to differentiate between the real and the fake. It is possible that the shopkeeper may charge you more and give you fake chikankari work. So if you like to wear chikankari work suit or kurti, then keep these things in mind to identify the real and fake.


Whenever you buy a genuine Chikankari kurti, check its front and back design. You will see some threads sticking out from the back side of the kurti or you may see long threads on the back side of the kurti instead. Because such flaws can be found in handmade work. So if uneven threads are visible in the thread work of a Chikankari kurti, then it means that it is a genuine kurti. Whereas in machine made Chikankari work, you will find the front and back side to be the same.

Pay attention to the thread work

There are about 40 types of stitches and jaalis in real Chikankari such as Bakhiya Murri, Phanda, Kanta, Laung Janjira, Tepchi and Mundraji Jari. The most difficult and valuable stitch is the pointed Murri. So you should also know about it. Bakhiya is copied a lot. In real, you will see criss cross stitches from the back side of the embroidery. If such uneven stitches i.e. threads are visible from the back side, then your Chikankari kurti is real. Similarly, every type of Chikankari stitch has its own identity.

Natural Dye

Natural colours are used to dye genuine Chikankaris, which offer a soft muted colour palette. But if the colours are too bright or synthetic, then it might be fake. In such a case, you can also identify it by looking at the thread work.

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