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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Jamsavli Mandir: Here water flows from Hanuman ji's navel, one gets relief from incurable diseases!

Jamsavli Mandir:
There are many miraculous temples in India but the miraculous incident happening in this temple of Hanuman ji is astonishing. Here a stream of water keeps flowing continuously from the navel of the idol of Hanuman ji and it is also believed that people get relief from serious and incurable diseases here. Let's know.

Jamsavli Mandir: Shri Ram's devotee Hanuman has also been called the god of Kalyug. It is also said about Hanuman ji that he is alive even in Kalyug. It is believed that Hanuman ji gets pleased with his devotees very quickly and removes all the troubles of his devotees. That is why Hanuman ji is also called Sankatmochan. There is also a temple of Hanuman ji in India where people go to get relief from their diseases.

Where is this temple?

This temple of Hanuman ji is located in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, whose name is Jamsawali temple. This temple is about 100 years old and is built on about 22 acres of land. Many devotees come to this temple daily to see Hanuman ji. But on Tuesdays and Saturdays the number of devotees increases.

Hanuman Ji in resting position

In this temple, the statue of Hanuman Ji is in a resting position under a huge Peepal tree. It is believed that when Lakshman was injured in the war against Ravana and Hanuman Ji was sent to get Sanjivani booti, ​​then Hanuman Ji rested here while returning. The length of the statue of sleeping Hanuman Ji is 18 feet and he has a silver crown on his head.

Water comes out from navel

In this temple, a stream of water flows continuously from the navel of Hanuman ji's idol. No one knows where this stream comes from. The devotees who come here accept this water as prasad.

Gets relief from diseases

It is believed that the water that flows from the navel of Hanuman ji's idol is very miraculous. This water has the miraculous power to cure skin and mental diseases. Sick people who come to this temple stay in the temple premises until they get well. It is a miracle that these people are not given any medicine or other medical help. They are only given water from the body of Lord Hanuman.

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