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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Facebook Data Leak: Facebook data breached again, your personal details stolen!

Facebook Data Breach: If you also have an account on Facebook, then today's news is especially for you. Once again news of a breach in Facebook data has surfaced, which is threatening the safety and privacy of millions of users. Let's know which details have been leaked?

The safety of crores of users on the social media platform Facebook is under threat, recently cyber security researchers informed about the data breach and said that the data of 1 lakh users has been leaked. This is not the first time that the news of Facebook data leak has come to light, such news has come to light many times before this.

The team of CyberPeace, a non-profit organization based in New Delhi, has discovered this. According to CyberPeace, some important information of Facebook users has been leaked in the leaked data, which includes their full name, email, profile details, user location and their phone number. Along with the data leak, there is also a possibility that the users whose data has been leaked may be subjected to phishing attacks.

It is not yet known who has breached the Facebook data. CyberPeace says that at present no response has been received from Facebook or Facebook's parent company Meta in this matter.

CyberPeace company says that the data breach is being investigated to find out who is behind the data leak – hacktivists, cybercriminal groups or any malicious entity? Researchers say that the way Facebook data is being leaked is a matter of concern. The company's image is being affected by the breach in data security.

How to strengthen Facebook Privacy?

You can use the two-step verification option in the settings to strengthen the privacy of your Facebook account. Apart from this, you can update the settings in your profile regarding who can see your profile, posts and who can tag you in posts.

Create a strong password for your Facebook account that includes letters, numbers and symbols etc. Apart from this, check your privacy settings on Facebook and update the settings accordingly.

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