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Saturday, June 15, 2024

If you are troubled by Saturn's crooked vision, then adopt these 10 solutions today, Shanidev will be happy


Shanivar Ke Upay: You must have heard about Shani Dev. According to Sanatani belief, if someone is affected by his Vakra Drishti, then the person gets trapped in a web of troubles. It is also said that if Shani Dev is pleased with someone, then the person's life is filled with happiness. Shani Dev is as kind as he is angry. Let us tell you about some such remedies for Saturday, which can help in avoiding Shani Dev's Vakra Drishti and by pleasing him, happiness can be filled in life.

Shani Dev Maharaj cannot be pleased very easily. He is called the god of justice, according to him nothing is hidden from the book. If you want to please him then let us know the 10 special remedies for Saturday, which will get you the blessings of Shani Maharaj.

10 remedies for saturday

- Do good deeds to please Shani Dev. Shani Maharaj is always with the good people.
- To please Shani Dev, never bring the thought of immorality in your mind. Shani Dev likes virtuous feelings.
- Shani Dev is pleased by helping the needy and the poor. Donate according to your capacity.
- He can be pleased quickly by worshipping Bholenath along with Shani Aaradhana, this gives desired results.
- Shani Dev is pleased by serving dogs. If you serve a black dog, then Shani Dev gives you auspicious results.
- Keep in mind that keep chanting the favorite mantras of Shani Dev, this pleases Shani Dev very quickly.
- If you worship Shanidev in the temple on Saturday and offer mustard oil and black sesame seeds, then Shanidev will be happy.
- Offer water to the Peepal tree on Saturday and in the evening light a lamp of mustard oil with black sesame seeds.
- If you worship Shani Yantra, then Shanidev is happy and removes your sorrows.
- Donate things related to Shanidev (black urad dal, black slippers, black shoes, black sesame seeds) with a true heart.

Disclaimer- The 10 remedies mentioned here to avoid Shanidev's Vakra Drishti are based on various discourses, beliefs and stories. Newztezz.online does not confirm the claims of such remedies. Our aim is to merely give you information about these remedies. If you want, you can meet Vedic and Astro experts in this regard.

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