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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Hanuman Ji: Who gave the boon of immortality to Sankatmochan Hanuman Ji? Know how he became immortal

Lord Hanuman is called Chiranjivi. Chiranjivi means immortal. It is said that he is still present on earth in his physical form and removes the troubles of his devotees. In such a situation, let us know who gave him the boon of being immortal.

Hanuman Ji Immortality Boon: Tuesday is considered the most auspicious day to worship Hanuman Ji and get his blessings. Hanuman Ji is known by many names like Anjani Putra, Pawan Putra, Sankatmochan, Ram Bhakt, Bajrangbali and Mahabali. Along with all these names, Lord Hanuman is also called Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi means immortal. There is a religious belief that he is the only God who is still present on earth in physical form. Being present on earth, he still listens to the problems of his devotees and removes their troubles. But do you know who gave the boon of being immortal to Bajrangbali? Let us know about an interesting story related to this.

Who gave Hanuman the boon of immortality?

According to mythological texts, when Ravana kidnapped Goddess Sita, Lord Shri Ram sent Mahabali Hanuman to Lanka to search for Mother Sita and told him that Sita might be in trouble and he would soon come to bring her back from there. Following the orders of Lord Ram, Pawan Putra reached Lanka. At that time Mother Sita was living in Ashok Vatika.

Hanuman Ji assured Mata Sita that soon Lord Shri Ram will take her from here. Along with this, Lord Hanuman presented Ram Ji's ring to Mata Sita. Hearing this and seeing Lord Ram's ring, Mata Sita became convinced that he has been sent by Lord Ram.

Seeing the immense love and devotion for Lord Ram in Hanuman ji's heart, Mother Sita was pleased with him and then she blessed Ram devotee Hanuman ji to be immortal forever. There are many mythological stories about Hanuman ji being immortal, which have their own significance.

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