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Saturday, June 8, 2024

How is Charanamrit different from Panchamrit, why are both used in Prasad?

You must have seen that the priests in the temple give Panchamrit and Charanamrit to the devotees as Prasad. But do you know how Panchamrit and Charanamrit are different? How the religious significance of both is also different. While both are used in Prasad. Read this article to know...

Difference in Panchamrit and Charnamrit: In Hinduism, Charnamrit and Panchamrit are considered to be as important as worship. During worship, both Charnamrit and Panchamrit are consumed by devotees as prasad. Priests often give Panchamrit and Charnamrit as prasad to devotees visiting the temple, but do you know that Charnamrit and Panchamrit are different. The method of making both is different and the religious significance of both is also different.

Difference between Panchamrit and Charanamrit

You must have noticed that five types of things are mixed in Panchamrit. It is prepared for the Abhishek of God in Katha-Havan etc. held in the temple or at home. The five types of things that are mixed in it include cow's milk, curd, ghee, Gangajal and sugar. Panchamrit is prepared by mixing all these for the Abhishek and Bhog of God, but Charanamrit is prepared by mixing Tulsi in the water of the feet of God.

what is panchamrit

The name Panchamrit itself makes it clear that it is nectar made of 5 holy things. To make it, five nectar like things are mixed together. God is anointed with this. Whether it is the story of Lord Satyanarayan or the birth of Kanha ji on Janmashtami, on both occasions, God is anointed with Panchamrit. After that, it is given to the devotees as prasad.

what is charanamrit

Charanamrit means the nectar of the feet of God. To prepare this nectar, Lord Shaligram is bathed with Ganga water. Tulsi leaves are also added to it. After that, the nectar of the feet of God is distributed to the devotees as prasad. Some rules for taking charanamrit have been mentioned in the scriptures. Charanamrit should be taken according to that. It is believed that charanamrit should always be taken with the right hand. It is always made in a copper vessel. Perhaps this is the reason why charanamrit is always kept in a copper pot in temples.

Why is it used in Prasad

Panchamrit is considered holy and the favorite food of the gods. It is used to bathe the idols of God and offer prasad. Offering Panchamrit pleases God and devotees receive his blessings. Charanamrit is considered very holy in Hinduism. It is believed that the radiance of God is absorbed in Charanamrit. Consuming it destroys sins and attains salvation. Therefore, Panchamrit and Charanamrit are used in Prasad.

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