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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Explainer: This is how India's AC market is changing, 1.40 crore ACs can be sold this summer

This year the heat has broken its record. Even in Delhi the temperature has crossed 50 degrees. In such a situation, the sale of ACs in the country is tremendously high. This has changed the entire market of ACs. Let's understand the whole calculation...

This year the heat has made even the best of people sweat. The temperature that used to reach 50 degrees Celsius in desert areas like Jaisalmer is now reaching urban areas like Delhi. In such a situation, the only way to get relief from the heat is the air conditioner. The effect of the heat wave is also visible on the sales of ACs this year and this entire market is changing very fast. Let's understand its whole story…

The heat is such that the stock of ACs has run out in electronics shops in many cities of the country. Now the data of AC manufacturers and industry has also come out, knowing about which you will be shocked.

1.4 crore ACs can be sold

Citing the organization of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances manufacturing companies in the country, CEAMA has said in media reports that this year due to the intense heat, 1.4 crore ACs may be sold in the country. In the month of May itself, a growth of 30 to 40 percent has been recorded in the sale of air conditioners on an annual basis. Whereas between April and May, the growth in the sale of ACs is more than 100 percent.

Sale will depend on the arrival of monsoon

Now that the monsoon is expected to arrive, the sales of ACs are likely to increase. Usually, the monsoon reaches North India by 15 June, but this year the monsoon may be delayed. It may get delayed till the end of June. In such a situation, there is little chance of getting relief from the heat soon. That is why people may now prefer AC.

This is how the AC market changed in the country

The government's energy efficient or star rating model has played an important role in increasing the demand for AC in the country and making it popular among the people. There is a general perception among the common people that AC consumes a lot of electricity bill. In such a situation, people started getting an idea of ​​how much their electricity bill would be with a certain usage through AC star rating. When people realized that they can afford it, they started buying AC.

This is how the country's AC market kept growing

Now if we talk about the AC market, earlier ACs were mostly bought for commercial spaces such as offices, malls. Now the sale of domestic ACs has increased. According to Seema, out of the 1.4 crore ACs expected to be sold this year, about 1 crore are for residential use only.

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