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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Do you apply bleach on your face for glowing skin? Now know the serious harm

Bleach Side Effects: When bleach is applied to bring glow on the skin, it reduces the production of melanin in the skin. This is why most people use it. But there are many disadvantages of applying bleach powder on the face, let's know.

Skin Bleach: People use various types of beauty products to get instant glow. Skin bleach is also included in these products. In summers, the face starts looking dull due to strong sunlight and sweat. In such a situation, people apply bleach to brighten the skin. Bleach is used in every season. But this cream that brightens the face can also cause harm.

Actually, when melanin is produced in our skin, it makes the skin look dark or dull. This is a kind of skin pigment. Experts say that our genetics determine the amount of melanin in the skin. People with dark skin have more melanin. Similarly, people who stay in the sun for a long time can also face this problem.

how does bleach work

When we apply bleach on the skin, the level of melanin in the skin decreases. This is why the skin looks bright and glowing. However, using bleach in summers can cause many types of damage to the skin.

Know the disadvantages of applying bleach

Applying bleach can be more troublesome for those who have sensitive skin. Applying bleach powder on the skin can cause blemishes. Sometimes it stays on the face for a long time. This can also cause irritation or redness, which can cause small pimples. Most importantly, it removes the natural oil from the skin. Due to this, dryness in the skin increases.

Follow home remedies

Yogurt- Yogurt can be used on the face. It contains many essential nutrients for the skin. Lactic acid in yogurt has moisturizing and bleaching properties which make the skin glowing.

Aloe vera gel- Aloe vera is beneficial in relieving hyperpigmentation. Applying its gel on the face also removes swelling from the face.

Orange- It is rich in vitamin C. It has bleaching properties which are extremely powerful in lightening the skin tone.

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