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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Clove water can prove to be a boon for many hair problems, know its benefits

Using clove water for long thick hair is considered extremely beneficial. Actually, clove water contains eugenol, phenolic acid and many powerful anti-oxidants in abundance. You can make your hair silky and shiny with its water.

Everyone wants long thick hair, for this we also get many types of treatments done. But their benefits do not last long. After a few days the hair becomes like before again. At the same time, the hair of some people becomes more dry and lifeless than before because the products used in these treatments use harmful chemicals in their making, due to which the hair gets damaged quickly. In such a situation, natural things should always be used to enhance the beauty of hair. As soon as natural things are mentioned, home remedies come to mind. The most popular among these remedies is clove water.

You can take better care of your hair with clove water. Actually, clove is rich in eugenol, phenolic acid and many powerful anti-oxidants. To prepare clove water for hair, boil 14-15 cloves with 4-5 glasses of water. Now let it cool at room temperature, after that store it in a spray bottle. You can use it as a toner for hair. Along with this, let us know what are the benefits of clove water for hair.

1. Increase hair growth

Clove water not only increases hair growth but can also prevent hair fall. Actually, clove water is rich in phenolic acid and anti-oxidants, which can strengthen the hair by nourishing the scalp. If you spray clove water on your hair before sleeping at night and shampoo your hair after waking up in the morning, you will get more benefits from it.

2. Get rid of the problem of split ends

The use of chemical products makes the hair dry and lifeless, due to which the hair becomes dry and damaged soon. Along with this, the problem of split ends also increases. A lot of protein is needed to repair the hair, for this clove water can be beneficial.

3. Get rid of dandruff problem

Dandruff is a common problem that troubles almost everyone. If it is not treated in time, the hair can become dry and lifeless. Many times due to this, the scalp starts itching excessively. In such a situation, if you wash your hair with clove water regularly, then you can soon get rid of the problem of dandruff.

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